we are hiring!

Our group actively uses the equipment available for IBCII and BMLS users. Each of our projects employs the platform to perform a wide range of methods based on fluorescence-tagged proteins, or the use of antibodies, which allows us to acquire high-quality images and cellular dynamics. In this context, the users are offered support with the following equipment:

  • high-resolution images -  Leica TSC SP8-Confocal microscope - and fast and multiple spatio-temporal resolutions for live-cell imaging - Zeiss Spinning disk microscope (for inquiries, please, contact Dr. Adriana Covarrubias).
  • automated live cell imaging system for chemogenomic screens, monitoring cell viability, cell migration or autophagy flux - IncuCyte S3 SARTORIUS (for inquiries, please, contact Dr. Alexandra Stolz);
  • automatized high-content analysis system for chemical/genomics screen – Yokogawa CQ1 confocal imaging cytometer (for inquiries, please, contact Dr. Lina Herhaus).

The equipment can be booked via the equipment scheduler.