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The Institute of Biochemistry II (IBC2) is part of the Medical Faculty (FB16) of Goethe University Frankfurt. Together with the Institute of Biochemistry I it forms the Gustav Embden-Zentrum der Biochemie, situated on Niederrad campus. Both Institutes share responsibilities for the biochemical education and training of medical students.
Besides this, the IBC2 is dedicated to basic biomedical research. We are interested in molecular mechanisms which determine cellular signaling pathways, intercellular communication and cellular quality control, both under physiological and pathophysiological conditions. Our focus is on the cardiovascular system, on embryonic development, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and pathogen defense.
Currently, the Institute comprises 13 research groups with almost 100 members of staff, with the majority being located in house 75 on Niederrad campus. Four groups are situated on Riedberg campus in the Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (Akutsu, Bremm, Pohl) and in the Biocenter (Zickermann).
During the past decade, IBC2 has invested systematically in core technologies, e.g. in our in-house proteomic unit, in protein engineering, gene editing and structural biology. All technology platforms are part of the Frankfurt Center for Autophagy/Ubiquitin Research (FCAR).
IBC2 is participating actively in numerous collaborative projects, e.g. the CRC 1177 on selective autophagy, the LOEWE program Ub-Net, the Excellence Cluster CEF-MC and the LOEWE center CGT. In addition, we contribute actively to postgraduate education by offering regular lecture series and organizing conferences, e.g. the 2017 EMBO conference on Autophagy.