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Cancer research: Dissecting proteome dynamics of tumors

Cancer cells exhibit critical rearrangements of the proteome. The changes of total protein levels, PTM patterns and protein dynamics finally lead to the diverse disease phenotypes. Profiling the alterations on a system-wide scale and on different layers provides an essential groundwork for translational research. The recently founded Frankfurt Cancer Institute partners scientists from a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from basic research to all clinical aspects of cancer. Embedded in this great scientific environment we are currently studying the proteome changes during cancer progression to understand disease mechanisms. Therefore, we are applying a wide range of mass-spectrometry powered proteomics ranging from interaction proteomics over PTM profiling to protein dynamics measurements. Tailoring these assays to different models and scientific questions will drive research of many aspects of cancer.

Nguyen et al. Blood 2019, 133(2), 168-179
Koschade SE et al. Leukemia 2022

Modification profiling Modification profiling
Protein-Protein Interactions Protein-Protein Interactions
Protein Dynamics Protein Dynamics