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DynaTMT: Analysis of SILAC/TMT data

The emerging role of protein dynamics measurements in the last years, creates the need of sophisticated tools for data analysis. Pulsed SILAC combined with Tandem Mass Tags has evolved as a gold standard for profiling protein synthesis and degradation by mass spectrometry. Additionally the combination of SILAC and TMT to expand the multiplexing capacity of proteomics experiments has been introduced recently. While the experimental setup is available to more researchers, the data analysis still proves difficult. The introduction of two different labels creates a complexity of the data, that needs to be dissected during analysis. DynaTMT is a browser based application (accompanied from a python packge for integration into existing analysis workflows) that extracts the relevant data from mePROD experiments or any combination of SILAC and TMT. The application and the python packages are freely available under the GNU GPLv3 license:

DynaTMT browsertool
DynaTMT python package
DynaTMT publication in Molecular Cell