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Linda Röder

Linda grew up in Brandenburg and later in Bavaria, where she completed an apprenticeship as chemical technician at the international chemical concern Wacker Chemie AG.
She then moved to Saxony and worked as a deputy shift leader in the integrated polysilicon production system.
In 2015, she moved to Hesse and graduated from the Hessenkolleg in Wiesbaden. 
Subsequently, she began her studies in medicine at the Goethe University in Frankfurt/ Main.
In autumn 2019 she started her medical doctoral thesis in the SUMO Signaling Group of Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller at the Institute of Biochemistry II, where she focuses on the role of SUMO ligases in cellular signaling pathways, also with regard to the connections to neurodegenerative diseases. 
On this occasion, signaling pathways in which stress-induced SUMOylation influences stress granule assembly and disassembly, are from particular interest.
The different ligases with their diverse tasks in cellular signaling pathways represent an interesting and promising therapeutic starting point for research into pathologically persistent stress granules such as those found in neurodegenerative diseases.

Linda Röder
  • SUMO Signaling
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