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Aneesha Kohli

Aneesha studied Biology at Imperial College London (UK) with a focus on immunology and neuroscience. As part of her degree, she did a ‘Year in Research’ at Lancaster University in the lab of Prof. David Allsop. Her project focussed on the redox properties of misfolded protein aggregates of amylin and amyloid-β. She is now completing her masters in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience at Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt. As part of her master thesis, she was working in the laboratories of Dr. Christian Münch and Prof. Georg Auburger, using quantitative proteomics to understand the role of RNF213 in the neurological disorder Moyamoya disease. She then continued on these efforts as a PhD student in the Münch laboratory.

Aneesha Kohli
  • Protein Quality Control
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Ph.D. student