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Dr. Koraljka Husnjak

Koraljka was born in Croatia, where she studied molecular biology at the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. She received her Master of Science and PhD training at the Division of Molecular Medicine at the Rudjer Boskovic Institute headed by Kresimir Pavelic. Koraljka initially worked on oncogenic viruses and molecular mechanisms of cancer development. After joining the group of Ivan Dikic as a postdoctoral fellow, she shifted her focus on identification and characterization of novel ubiquitin- and ubiquitin-like binding domains by various approaches, including the identification of Rpn13 as a novel proteasomal ubiquitin receptor. She started her independent career in 2010 as a group leader at IBC2. Her group is interested in various aspects of atypical ubiquitination. In particular, her laboratory aims to decipher the functional roles of various ubiquitin-binding proteins in protein degradation, signal transduction and immune response. Her most recent work relates to the role of linear ubiquitination and novel linear ubiquitin-binding domains in TNFR1 signaling and cell death. Since January 2019 Koraljka is a team leader of the FCSC.

Dr. Koraljka Husnjak
Institute of Biochemistry II
University Hospital Frankfurt
Goethe University
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7 / Building 75
60590 Frankfurt am Main