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Dr. Andrea Gubaš

Andrea obtained her Master’s degree in 2013 at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, during which she participated in an Erasmus programme, where she conducted her laboratory experience in the Dikic group. Following her Master’s degree, Andrea was awarded a Cancer Research UK/The Francis Crick Institute-funded studentship in 2014, to conduct a four-year PhD at the Francis Crick Institute and Imperial College London, in London, UK, under the supervision of Dr Sharon Tooze. During her PhD, Andrea focused on studying the regulation of a particular PI3P-effector protein during starvation induced autophagy. Andrea obtained her PhD from Imperial College London in 2018, and driven by the strong passion towards understanding the mechanisms of secretory pathways, Andrea re-joined Dikic group in order to identify novel regulators of various selective autophagy pathways using CRISPR/Cas9 technology. She moved on in 2022.