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Shady-Amr Gouda

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical science in Egypt, Shady studied clinical pharmacy and became a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist. In 2017, he earned his master’s degree in Biochemistry from Uppsala University, Sweden. He conducted his master’s thesis in the Ludwig Cancer Institute, Uppsala university, in Johan Lennartsson’s lab under supervision of Professor Carl Henrik Heldin, chairman of the Nobel Foundation. His master’s thesis was about regulation of internalization, stability and signaling of platelet-derived growth factor receptor-β (PDFRβ) by ubiquitin specific protease 17 (USP17). In April 2018, he joined Christian Münch’s lab for his PhD to investigate the protein quality control in mitochondria, analyze the unfolded protein response in the mitochondria (UPRmt) and determine its signaling pathways.
Shady-Amr Gouda
  • Protein Quality Control
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Ph.D. student