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12 May 2020 - Tandem Mass Tag research award for Kevin Klann.

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Kevin Klann
PhD student in the Münch group

Kevin Klann, PhD student in the Münch group, receives the Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) bronze level research award 2020 by ThermoFisher Scientific. This annual award is rewarded for presented projects based on their innovation and impact on the work in the field of proteomics. The prize is endowed with 5,000$ worth of mass spectrometry (MS) reagents to enable promising proteomics projects by the lab. The Münch lab recently published a novel MS-based approach to study protein dynamics in the journal Molecular Cell. The award-winning project by Kevin is planning to use this powerful method to study the cellular protein degradation system in its entirety by combining protein dynamics MS and small molecule/CRISPR-Cas9 libraries targeting proteases and the ubiquitin-proteasome system. Thus, it will be possible to study the effect of each individual component of the protein degradation network on the cellular proteome and physiology. Combination of all puzzle pieces will give rise to a new picture of the protein degradation system with implications to cell and disease biology.