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12 Mar 2018 - Volker Zickermann appointed apl-professor.

IBC2 group leader Volker Zickermann was appointed as apl (“ausserplanmässiger”) professor at Goethe University (GU). Volker studied biochemistry at the University of Hannover and obtained his PhD at GU Frankfurt. He then moved to the group of Mårten Wikström in Helsinki where he started to work on respiratory complex I, at that time, however, concentrating on the enzyme complex from bacteria.

Upon his return to Frankfurt, he joined the laboratory of Ulrich Brandt where he successfully took on the heroic challenge to solve the structure of mitochondrial complex I (Hunte et al., Science 2010; Zickermann et al., Science 2014). In parallel, he completed his habilitation and received his venia legendi in biochemistry.

In 2013, he joined IBC2 as an independent group leader. Volker has published more than 50 manuscripts, many of which in highest impact journals (h-index 27). His work has significantly advanced our understanding of molecular mechanisms driving the respiratory chain in higher eukaryotes and is of relevance for neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases. Congratulations to Volker!