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06 Jun 2024 - Ivan Đikić among Top Molecular Biology Scientists - 2024 Research.com ranking

IBC2 Director Ivan Đikić ranked #7 in Germany and #141 in the world on Research.com’s 2024 list of ‚Best Molecular Biology Scientists‘. It is inspiring to see him recognized among this group of pioneering researchers in the field.

Research.com calculates their rankings with the aim of facilitating the exploration of and access to the work of top experts in their respective fields. This was the 3rd edition of Research.com’s annual report of best scientists, taking into account publications, citations, as well as awards and achievements up until November 21st 2023. The methodology uses bibliometric data including, among others, OpenAlex and CrossRef.

Germany overall ranks 4th in the world with 74 scientists ranked among the top 1%.