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30 Jun 2023 - Ines Tomaskovic receives DGfA Annual Meeting Award

This year German Association for Aging Research (DGfA) has organized the Annual meeting in Jena. By welcoming scientists from all over Germany and worldwide, the Community of Aging Researchers ensured high-quality scientific discussions, exciting talks and poster presentations. This year a major focus was on the inter-organ communication in ageing and the interplay between stress and immunity responses leading to the host metabolism reprogramming. Connecting basic science to translational ageing research and clinical trials, the conference ensured a broad overview of underlying molecular mechanisms and future therapeutic approaches in ageing-related diseases. The prize for the best oral presentation at the Annual Meeting of the German Association for Aging Research 2023 was awarded to Ines Tomaskovic for her presentation: “Gender and phenotype bias in loss-of-SPRTN-driven Progeroid Syndrome”.