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01 Jul 2022 - Poster prizes for Adriana Covarrubias and Alexis González

The IBC2 postdoctoral researchers Adriana Covarrubias and Alexis González both received a poster prize at the EMBO workshop “Integrating the molecular, mechanistic and physiological diversity of autophagy” which took place from 27 June until 01 July in Eger, Hungary.

After giving a short talk and presenting their posters, Adriana was awarded for outstanding poster presentation on her project “ER-phagy driven by heteromeric clusters of ubiquitinated ER shaping proteins prevents neurodegeneration” by EMBO Journal and Alexis’ presentation on “Ubiquitination regulates ER-phagy and remodeling of the endoplasmic reticulum” received the poster prize from FEBS Open Bio.