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07 Apr 2020 - “Big Ideas” Essay from Ivan Đikić World Health Day: “Big Ideas” on biomedical challenges.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) regularly invites international thought leaders to write about the most important issues of the day, an essay series dubbed “Big Ideas”. On the occasion of Croatia’s presidency of the EU Council, Croatian-born IBC2 Director Ivan Đikić was asked to contribute his view on the role of modern science in advancing healthcare. In his essay, he analyses the biomedical challenges ahead of us, especially with respect to common diseases like cancer and neurodegeneration, but also those emerging from novel viruses, rare diseases, and – last not least ­– from environmental and societal changes. He writes about the endurance needed for translational science to succeed, how progress has often lagged behind expectations and why technologies are the key to success. Finally, he shares his thoughts about a needed culture change with respect to drug discovery to ensure fair access of scientific progress around the globe and throughout societies.