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17 Sep 2017 - Congratulations: Stefanie Oess takes up professorship at MHB Theodor Fontane

Stefanie Oess was appointed as Chair of Biochemistry at the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane. Within the still young university, Stefanie will play a critical role in shaping the biochemistry curriculum for students.

In parallel, she will be continuing to push forward her challenging and unique research program in cardiovascular signaling. The Oess laboratory will be situated within newly built premises on Campus Brandenburg, with Meike Hoffmeister as laboratory head overseeing all scientific operations.

After many years of shared scientific adventures and personal memories it is with mixed feelings that the IBC2 says farewell to Stefanie and Meike. We are losing not only great scientists, but also great personalities who have grown to be good friends. Congratulations to both of them for their new positions and we hope to see them back in Frankfurt occasionally!