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27 Nov 2018 - List of Highly Cited Researchers released.

IBC2 Director Ivan Dikic is one of the worlds’ most influential scientists as revealed by Clarivate Analytics’ Highly Cited Researchers List. He has been selected for his exceptional performance in the newly introduced category “Cross-Field”, based on his multiple high impact papers published across several fields.

The methodology used by Clarivate Analytics to curate this annual list aims at identifying scientists who have substantial contemporary impact. It is calculated from the number of highly cited papers produced, with a highly cited paper being defined as ranking amongst the top 1% as measured by citations for the field and year.

Approximately 6,000 researchers worldwide are named in this years’ list. The papers analyzed were published between 2006 to 2016.
Besides Ivan Dikic, 12 other colleagues from Goethe University have been credited by the 2018 list. With this result, Goethe University is second best in Germany, only Heidelberg University scores higher. The global pole position is traditionally taken by Harvard University.