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28 Nov 2017 - Georg Voelcker receives Teaching Award.

One of this years’ faculty awards for teaching commitment was awarded to Georg Voelcker, who has been lecturing at the IBC2 since 1972.

After his retirement, he still actively participated in the education of medical students, and was now honored for his outstanding contribution to the 4th semester biochemistry seminar. “Students attending this seminar already know a lot about biochemistry.

But they have no idea how this knowledge can be applied when treating patients”, comments the awardee. “Therefore, I present clinical cases for each biochemical topic touched within the seminar.”

To stick to clinical reality, Georg Voelcker has taken on the effort to rework already published cases from the scientific literature to fit to the biochemistry curriculum. When asked for the energy source driving his dedication towards the next generation of medics, Georg Voelcker smiles and comments: “I simply love teaching.

The commitment comes very easy if one has the opportunity to work for over 40 years with motivated, intelligent and hard-working students.” The award ceremony took place as part of the 2017 Dies Academicus of the Goethe University Medical School.