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01 Mar 2017 - Award for ‘Let’s talk about UBAUT’.

The award ceremony for the 2016 Competition on International Research Marketing Ideas by the German Research Foundation (DFG) took place on 16th Feb 2017 in Potsdam. Besides Goethe University (GU) three other institutions were honored, and the prize was handed over by DFG’s Vice President Prof. Roland A. Fischer in a lively ceremony comprising interviews with all awardees.

On the stage for GU were Vice President Prof. Brigitte Haar and project coordinator Dr. Heide Genau, who together presented the concept ‘Let’s talk about UBAUT‘ (www.ubaut.de). It is based on the biomedical research focus in the ubiquitin and autophagy field in the Rhine Main region and was initiated by the IBC2, LOEWE Ub-Net (http://www.proloewe.de/ubnet) and the SFB 1177 (www.sfb1177.de). Cornerstones of the program are ambassador visits to biomedical institutions in the US as well as a short stipend program for international scientists interested in pursuing a career in Germany.

Image: Award ceremony, from left to right: Prof. Dr. Roland A. Fischer (Vice President DFG), Dr. Stephan Fuchs (GU), Dr. Heide Genau (GU), Prof. Dr. Brigitte Haar (Vice President GU), Ministerialdirigent Frithjof A. Maennel (BMBF), photographer: Michael Lüder.