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02 Nov 2015 - Mini-Symposium on Autophagy with Patrice Codogno and Nicholas Ktistakis.

The Frankfurt Autophagy Network (FAN) and the Institute of Biochemistry II (IBCII) recently hosted two scientists studying the process of autophagy with state-of-the-art microscopy techniques.

Whereas Dr. Nicholas Ktistakis (Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK) employs high-resolution microscopy to investigate the early processes at the onset of autophagy, Dr. Patrice Codogno (Institute Necker Enfants-Malades, INSERM, Paris, France) is interested in the interplay of primary cilia with autophagy and on the precise cellular sites where the autophagic machinery assembles.

Together, these two scientists gave a fantastic overview about the recent advances and the methods in their labs initiating vivid discussions that continued through the reception afterwards. Dr. Christian Behrends, group leader at IBCII, and Prof. Ivan Dikic, director of IBCII, organized the event.