25 Aug 2014 - Ivan Dikic to become a Vallee Visiting Professor at Harvard Medical Schoo

The Vallee Foundation announced the appointment of six new Vallee Visiting Professors (VVPs), who will receive the resources to spend one month at a premier biomedical research institute of their choice. Besides Ivan Dikic, the award goes to Bonnie Bassler, Chris Dobson, Tyler Jacks, Thomas Shenk and Andreas Strasser this year. Since 1997, 47 VVPs have been appointed, and the program has been a great success in fostering intellectual exchange, building scientific partnerships and kicking off exciting new projects. Ivan Dikic will join Harvard Medical School in 2015 for his VVP sabbatical.

Img. Eddy Fischer (Nobel laureate in Medicine 1992) and Ivan Dikic at the Vallee Foundation symposium, Boston, 2014