Scientific Publications

On this page, all publications originating from or in collaboration with IBC2 are listed. The list does not contain manuscripts which were published by an IBC2 member during a previous employment. For each individual group leader, a full publication record can be found on the respective group page.
Due to the entries in the PubMed database, until 2014 the search string only catches publications in which first or last author were IBC2-affiliated. Manuscripts published in journals not listed on PubMed are listed at the bottom of the page.



Additional publications not caught by the PubMed search string


Arkan MC. Cancer: Fat and the fate of pancreatic tumours.  Nature 2016. 536 (7615): 157-8. Link 

Robin Krishnathas, Erik Bonke, Stefan Dröse, Volker Zickermann, and Hamid R. Nasiri. Identification of 4-N-[2-(4-phenoxyphenyl)ethyl]-quinazoline-4,6-diamine as a novel, highly potent and specific inhibitor of mitochondrial complex I  Med. Chem. Commun., 2017.  8, 657 Link